List of talks I've given

🎙️ Here' a collection of my talks and podcast appearances. Discussions on React, React Native, cutting-edge UI design, and open innovation.


Building Cross-Platform Component Libraries for Web and Native with React

React Advanced 2021

Building products for multiple platforms such as web and mobile often requires separate code-based despite most of the components being identical in look and feel. Is there a way where we could use shared React component library on different platforms and save time? In this presentation I'll demonstrate one way to build truly cross-platform component library with a unique approach of using React & React Native in combination.

Successful Rapid Prototyping With React Native

React Day Berlin

React Native is the best framework for rapid prototyping. In this lightning talk, I present a case study of how React Native was used to build three successful mobile prototypes, what tools we used to measure the effectiveness of those prototypes, and how React Native allowed us to test our product hypotheses faster

Open innovation

Teede Tehnoloogiakonverents 2018

My talk on open innovation, hackathons, and how to build a successful business around them.